New Partnership: AssureSign and Naranga

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What’s your favorite restaurant? Preferred gas station? Coffee joint? Which gym do you go… errr… belong  to?

We all have a go-to (or perhaps a few) for these and other jaunts. And, while their merchandise and services may contrast, most of them likely have one thing in common…

Many of them are franchises.

While a boutique’s charm is unmistakable and the uniqueness of a mom-and-pop restaurant irrefutable, franchised businesses quantify much of today’s market–projected to rake in a GDP of $451 billion in 2018–and bring convenience to our daily hustle.

Why are franchises so convenient? They’re where we work, shop, eat, sleep… and just about everywhere else.  Assembling multiple locations into existence, however, is no easy task.

In fact, it’s quite a coordinated effort… from federal regulations to geographic considerations to hiring and training to maintaining quality… and beyond. Sounding like a circus? It can be without the help of a franchising management solution.

Thankfully, franchise partners like Naranga make simplifying growth their business.New Partnership: AssureSign and Naranga

Who is Naranga?

Acquiring over 112 brands in 2017 alone, Naranga is a leading franchise partner, nationwide. Primarily focused on expanding and maintaining the quality of franchises, Naranga offers all-in-one digital solutions capable of managing the various operations involved in enterprise growth.

Naranga’s franchise management solutions are built with the capacity to meet the unique needs of each individual business and industry. Its premier solution, ncompass, centralizes franchise operations management while simplifying collaboration between stakeholders, franchisors, franchisees and employees.

ncompass includes native features, such as:

  • Real-time chats accessible to employees across the company

  • A maintenance and support ticket manager

  • Efficiency reporting for each franchise location with performance stats and analytics

  • Onboarding progress trackers

  • and more!


In addition to ncompass, Naranga offers field audit, video training, and lead generation solutions to meet the needs of their clients’ curtailed go-to-market strategies.

Like all Naranga clients, Toro Taxes also reaped many of the software’s benefits, specifics for Toro Taxes include:

  • Reduced time onboarding clients by 50%

  • Drastically increased communications throughout the organization

  • Reduced unnecessary headcount


Naranga’s priority is to equip their customers with the tools necessary to manage their franchise growth independently. Yet, their primary differentiator is the consultation and partnership offered to their clients.

“When we welcome franchises into the Naranga family, they’re not just acquiring a solution from a provider… they’re gaining a devoted partner who’s committed to advancing their success. This devotion means offering franchise consulting during every step of a client’s growth journey.”

Derek Jamieson, Director of Product


Naranga and AssureSign: A Beautiful Collision for Franchise

With Naranga’s robust eMaximation solution, enterprises can fully automate their sales cycle while tracking and managing prospects in real-time!

With eMaximation, users can:

graphs and charts showing growth with AssureSign eSignature and Naranga for Franchises
  • Generate leads and build nurture cadences

  • Streamline internal collaboration

  • Create marketing and sales activity alerts

  • Produce automated lead scoring and task prioritization

  • Automate email nurture campaigns

  • Track sales performance and measure the quality of lead sources


Many of these processes require signatures and a method of storing and retaining documents for later use… Naranga prides itself in its commitment to client prosperity, so finding an eSignature vendor equally committed to that ideal—with a capable and innovative eSignature solution to back it—was of grave importance!

After being referred to AssureSign by an existing client, Naranga was instantly attracted to our company culture.

“It was immediately clear after beginning talks with AssureSign that they intrinsically value and invest in the businesses and people they work with!”

Derek Jamieson, Director of Product


At AssureSign, we absolutely prioritize our customers and partners. Yet, while a customer-centric culture is terrific, at the end of the day, you need a product that can meet your business’s needs and meet them well !

When searching for an eSign partner, it was impressive features like our double-layered security, white labeling and native agility that catapulted AssureSign to the top of Naranga’s list.

After discovering how easily AssureSign can be integrated with our open APIs, Naranga was ready to call AssureSign their electronic signature partner for franchise!


A Great Horizon for Naranga and Franchises ☀ 

Naranga is now looking at other ways to incorporate eSignature into their internal operations and external-facing solutions!

AssureSign is the only eSignature and digital transaction management solution that automates FTC timing guidelines required in franchising agreements. Coupled with other accelerating features like eSign via SMS/text message, AssureSign is the eSignature vendor of choice for those in franchising.



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Jackson Burke

Marketing Manager at AssureSign
Jackson joined the AssureSign team early in 2017 as senior content specialist prior to assuming his current position as marketing manager. Jackson received his B.S. and M.Ed. from Middle Tennessee State University, just outside his birthplace of Nashville. When not at his desk, you can typically find him at the gym, park, or debating white to red sangria.
Jackson Burke