ESRA Podcast: AssureSign talks Blockchain

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We’re proud to announce our President and CEO, David Brinkman, recently co-hosted a podcast “Blockchain and You,” where he delves into all things blockchain! 

What’s Blockchain? 

Blockchain is a key platform of underlying technology that empowers digital assets, including the growingly popular digital currency, Bitcoin. Many of us may be familiar with the currency itself, but lack familiarity with the digital infrastructure supporting it. 

David, an executive board member on the Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA), has been working intimately with the blockchain technology for quite some time. He currently spearheads a project group whose aim is to improve, enhance, and further secure the blockchain technology within the scope of electronic signature.  

“Blockchain and You” 

In conjunction with ESRA, Dave recently co-hosted a podcast focused on some of the practical uses blockchain generates, along with the direction the technology is headed and its potential for positive impact. Check it out: 

Blockchain and You


Podcast Summary (provided by ESRA ): Assuresign CEO, longtime ESRA Board member and blockchain expert David Brinkman joins the ESRA podcast to discuss what the technology is, why it’s important, and where its practical usage is happening today. In this wide-ranging discussion, he guides us through what blockchain means to different individuals and organizations, and where it will most likely impact us in the near future. 

Jackson Burke

Jackson Burke

Content Marketing Specialist at AssureSign
As AssureSign’s Content Marketing Specialist, Jackson advocates for the adoption of electronic signature among leading markets by relaying its benefit to a range of audiences from the average reader to those in software development. Before appearing in notable publications like the American Bar Association, Jackson received his B.S. and M.Ed. from Middle Tennessee State University, just outside his birthplace of Nashville, Tennessee. When not at his desk, you can typically find him at the gym, park, or debating white to red sangria.
Jackson Burke