Our mission is to simplify the world’s most powerful action—the signature. This declaration of agreement is the axis of trust that propels business engagements across the globe. The signature spans culture, industry, business size and geography, enabling enterprises to navigate commerce with confidence.

Originally launching as 3PV, LLC in 2000, we enabled enterprises to affirm business and consumer arrangements through our voice-based third-party verification service. As technology sophisticated through the early millennium, the verification industry pivoted to a digital method of authorization known as electronic signatures.

In 2007, we met this advancement of digital authorization with AssureSign, a secure, digital product that would become one of the world’s most trusted electronic signature solutions.

With over 400 million completed electronic signature transactions, AssureSign is an industry leader in both SaaS and on-premises deployment and has been trusted by many of the world’s top brands for nearly 20 years.


Launch of Third Party Verification, Inc: Orlando, FL


ESIGN Act of 2000 Passed


Third Party Verification, Inc Enables Voiceless eSignature


Launch of AssureSign: Orlando, FL


AssureSign Elected to ESRA's Executive Board


National ESIGN Day Established by ESRA and Enacted by Congress


AssureSign Acquires Third Party Verification, Inc & Relocates HQ: Atlanta, GA

Meet The Team

Core Values

At AssureSign, we have innate values that drive our work and play. Our culture is defined by staying true to who we are as people and as a company. We know who we are, where we’re going, and the inspiration that gets us there. 

People of Character

We have a “hold the elevator” mentality. As a body of professionals, we lift each other up and strive to do the same for others. We aim to be respected members of our local and extended community, while promoting diversity of thought and expression.


Honesty and trust are part of our DNA. We practice open dialogue to produce attainable goals and realistic expectations. We do this because we know that transparent discussions lead to measurable results.


We meet challenges and embrace future opportunities with dynamic and creative solutions. We seek to leverage new processes and technologies to impact the lives of our customers, team and community. We learn from yesterday so we can transform tomorrow.


Our team is determined to evoke the best in themselves, each other, and our culture. Advocating for customers and our brand is the way we do business. We hold ourselves accountable to delivering impact as we strive for shared success.

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