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AssureSign and Hitachi Solutions America Partner to Deliver Electronic Signatures via SMS

ATLANTA, April 23, 2018 ( –​Today, AssureSign announced its strategic partnership with Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. The partnership enables Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. and AssureSign to service Microsoft’s myriad commercial subscribers investing in the Dynamics and Office 365 platforms. Microsoft’s Cloud products span over 80 percent of today’s enterprise, allowing the alliance between both SaaS companies to […]

The Secret to Gaining More Volunteers? Electronic Signatures.

For more than 17 years, AssureSign has helped enterprises, small businesses, non-profits, and all types of organizations advance their bottom  line by reinventing its dotted  one.   eSignature is the horizontal product that brings greater velocity, decreased cost, and mitigated risk to nearly every organization, regardless of industry. Despite the need for electronic signature spanning nearly every market, the uniqueness of business operations and transactions highlight the need for different, versatile solutions.   For […]

Jadu Adds AssureSign’s Electronic Signatures to eForms

eSignature is often a necessary last step for enterprises within the SaaS eCommerce market. Because businesses and organizations offering SaaS rely on eSignatures to complete their solution’s transaction cycles, they often seek an eSign vendor that provides a seamless integration with their solution. That’s why enterprises like PowerObjects, SpruceBooks, and many others leverage our partnership program, AssureSign Connect.    AssureSign Connect enables our […]

Sign Clients on the Spot with SMS Electronic Signatures

Are you losing clients to other firms because of the time it takes to get documents signed and returned? Learn how you can start signing clients on the spot with AssureSign’s new SMS electronic signatures – the new feature taking the legal industry by storm! In this webinar you’ll learn how to: Create and send […]

Electronic Signature Innovation: MS Build 2017 Recap

For those that don’t live in the technology development space, you may not be familiar with Microsoft’s annual conference, Microsoft Build—or MS Build. The conference often takes place on the West Coast, close to Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA. MS Build 2017 followed suit, courting thousands of developers from across the nation in Seattle—including our […]

AssureSign Enables Electronic Signatures via SMS

Atlanta, GA, March 14, 2017 ( – Electronic signature provider AssureSign today released a new feature enabling users to send documents for electronic signatures via SMS text message. Sending and receiving eSignatures via text is the next solution in a suite of products designed to simplify the way major enterprises and small companies alike do business. […]

Integrating AssureSign’s Electronic Signature Software with Dynamics 365

Looking to streamline your sales process within Dynamics 365? Discover how the PowerObjects sales team leverages eSignature to spend more time selling with less hassle. In this webinar, discover how PowerObjects uses AssureSign’s out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 integration to: Seamlessly send/receive contracts in half the time Mobilize their client experience by presenting documents for signature… anywhere… […]

Electronic Signature for the Public Sector: Three eSig trends Governments must consider

The public sector is a complex ecosystem, one that continues to change as urbanization increases and globalization becomes more prevalent than ever before. Certain trends are driving fundamental technology changes. According to a recent Microsoft presentation on technology and civic engagement – citizens are looking for easier access to tech infrastructure and tools. The reason: […]

The Cloud Isn’t for Everyone: A Case for On-Premise Electronic Signature

While the adoption of cloud usage continues to accelerate (greater than two out of three enterprises are incorporating the cloud today), a report issued by U.K.-based communications services provider BT Group indicates that IT decision makers’ confidence in the security of the cloud is at an all-time low. Moreover, a report issued by telecomm company […]