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The Secret to Gaining More Volunteers? Electronic Signatures.

For more than 17 years, AssureSign has helped enterprises, small businesses, non-profits, and all types of organizations advance their bottom  line by reinventing its dotted  one.   eSignature is the horizontal product that brings greater velocity, decreased cost, and mitigated risk to nearly every organization, regardless of industry. Despite the need for electronic signature spanning nearly every market, the uniqueness of business operations and transactions highlight the need for different, versatile solutions.   For […]

AssureSign Brings eSignature to LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 CRM Integration

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, October 23, 2017 ( –​​AssureSign, the preferred eSignature vendor for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM, has announced its integration with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, allowing users to leverage all three platforms in a single environment. The synchronization between AssureSign’s secure eSignature, LinkedIn’s popular lead generator, and Microsoft’s capable CRM alleviates formerly manual […]

Your Search for THE Premiere Dynamics 365 eSignature Integration is Over

Microsoft’s CRM User Group (CRMUG) is currently hosting its tenth User Group Summit, where end-users of the tech giant’s CRM—Dynamics 365— gather to network and learn of new solutions and innovative trends. Summit garners many of Microsoft’s MVPs and integrated partners, yielding great networking opportunities and even offer solutions showcases in the conference’s expo hall.   While AssureSign’s platform integrates with many popular CRMs, it’s our Dynamics integration that distinguish us from the competition. In fact, it […]

Dwyer Group Reunion: Come See Your “Neighborly” eSignature Vendor for Franchises

Mutual benefit is the foundation on which the strongest business partnerships stand. We see this first-hand when we partner with tech-driven enterprises or lend our services to a new customer… if both parties don’t benefit, no one  benefits. That’s why we’re very excited to announce one of our newest partners, ProTradeNet! AssureSign has long helped […]

Solution Spotlight: Verbal Signatures

Speak up… and Sign  The electronic signature process has provided a method of digital consent since the dawn of the ESIGN ACT in 2000. The turn of the millennium brought a slew of technological advances—flat screens, bluetooth, smartphones, snapchat—and infinite eSignature potential… like sending documents for signature via SMS messaging, on the go, and CRM […]

Introducing SMS eSignatures

For nearly 20 years, our mission has been to make it easier and easier to sign anything electronically. From digital signature pads to Salesforce integrations, we take every possible step to simplify your eSignature transactions.   Recently, we have witnessed a digital transformation, and you might have noticed it, too: people everywhere are glued to their […]

Center for Resource Solutions Implements AssureSign Electronic Signature Software as Essential Piece of Green Initiative

Biometric Electronic Signatures Solution Improves Contract Process while Supporting Environment ORLANDO, FLA. — (April 20, 2009) — AssureSign LLC’s Biometric Electronic Signature Technology has been selected as the electronic signature solution by the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a San Francisco-based national nonprofit working to mitigate climate change by building policies and consumer protection mechanisms […]

Legal Compliance

In the United States On June 30, 2000, the Electronic Signatures In Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act was signed into federal law and became effective on October 1, 2000. The ESIGN Act implements a national uniform standard for all electronic transactions that encourages the use of electronic signatures, electronic contracts and electronic records by […]