By utilizing the industry’s most flexible and adaptive API, our partners can readily integrate AssureSign’s technology into their existing business systems and processes. With zero product development and certification fees and no complex legal, operational and integration difficulties, our partner program is the most versatile in the industry.

As an AssureSign partner, you will receive all of the benefits of our electronic signature software, including no interference with your end user and complete control over the entire signature experience.


Becoming an AssureSign Connect Integration Partner allows your company to seamlessly integrate our electronic signature software into your existing business systems and processes.

As an integration partner, you will receive:

  • Unlimited use of an AssureSign development/sandbox
  • Ability to have sub-accounts for each customer
  • Unlimited enrollment in standard training programs
  • Access to web-based training
  • Access to the AssureSign Technical Forum, technical support and more.

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As an AssureSign Reseller Partner, your company will have the ability to grow its revenue stream by simply integrating our software into your existing business services and tools. Utilize AssureSign in a multitude of ways, including:

  • CRM applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Front and back office systems
  • Web portals

Our branding capabilities allow resellers to integrate AssureSign while preserving the look and feel of their applications. It also gives their customers the opportunity to maintain their brand identity throughout the entire electronic signature process.

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