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AssureSign Announces Next Generation Signing Interface for a More Engaging Electronic Signature Experience

Orlando, Fla., January 20, 2015 — AssureSign LLC, an industry-leading provider of electronic signature software, today announced the official release of the latest offering of its AssureSign product, AssureSign v5.0. With this new release, AssureSign features a consistent user interface across devices and enhanced APIs for additional functionality. AssureSign SaaS customers will have the new signing experience available this week with on-premise customer upgrades to the new interface available starting March 1st with their next quarterly upgrade. AssureSign will now exclusively focus on the new interface for future enhancement and feature functionality.

To address customers’ increased UI expectations, AssureSign has redesigned its electronic signature interface to deliver a modern, simpler and more engaging UI across web-based and mobile applications. As 35% of signing occurs on mobile devices, AssureSign developers have adopted a mobile first approach, beginning with mobile considerations and working up to a larger desktop version, resulting in a new responsive design that is simple and uncluttered, ensuring a positive user experience regardless of device.

AssureSign v5.0 contains all new elements of the signing components, including:

  • Easier branding and customization that may be performed in the standard settings area, and that now allows for granular administration of inheriting colors and logos across subaccounts
  • A quicker, more intuitive signing experience
  • Improved written JotBlock rendering
  • The ability to turn off PDF download of a document, but still allow pre-signing preview of a document in a rendered static view window
  • The ability to download all envelope documents and attachments after signing has been completed in a single zip file

Additional new settings will be made available in the new “Signing Customizations” section, including modifying colors and uploading a custom logo.

Furthermore, as API standards and scripting languages have evolved, expectation is that time and cost to integrate should be reduced. To meet those expectations, AssureSign is making enhancements to v3 of its DocumentNOW API, introducing RESTful API exposing expanded admin features and reporting by API, which will be available in Q2 this year.

“AssureSign v5.0 represents a breakthrough in usability for AssureSign customers and signers, as well as developers,” said David W. Brinkman, AssureSign’s president and chief executive officer. “Adopting responsive design is a foundational shift for the industry. By turning our thought process upside down and allowing us to focus on generic browser presentation and eliminating the separate designs for coding two scenarios, desktop and mobile, we project a 40% savings in development and testing time to add new features.”

About AssureSign LLC
AssureSign LLC is a Silver Depth Managed Microsoft Partner and a leading provider of web-based and on-premise electronic signature software, enabling users to obtain written authorizations on any document, anywhere, at any time. AssureSign is a highly secure and flexible “cloud computing” application, and the only e-signature provider with a five year track record of providing customers with 99.99%. Using the standards-based DocumentNOW® and DocumentTRAK™ integration tools, AssureSign can easily integrate with existing business processes within any enterprise, regardless of size. AssureSign’s experience extends over 12 years and comprises more than 190 million unique signature events. AssureSign customers consistently experience dramatic cost savings, as well as significant reduction in the time to execute documents. For more information visit or follow AssureSign on Twitter at