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AssureSign Delivers eSignature to the United States Olympic Committee

AssureSign today announced its extension of service to the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), bringing electronic signature capabilities to multiple facets of the organization. The deal came to fruition after the USOC began its search for an electronic signature vendor in earlier months.

In managing the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic sports, the committee required extensive paperwork to be completed by athletes and other stakeholders within a short amount of time. Prior to its purchase of AssureSign’s electronic signature software, the USOC utilized a paper and faxing process for the distribution and collection of these required forms. According to the USOC, the process was arduous and inefficient when coupled with the strenuous training schedules among athletes.

Leveraging AssureSign’s electronic signature platform enables the USOC to distribute and collect signed forms more rapidly than before. “It’s quite a privilege to extend our product to the USOC,” said David Brinkman, President & CEO of AssureSign. “Olympians dedicate an inordinate amount of time building their skill to proudly represent the U.S. at a prominent international event. AssureSign is excited to play a role in reducing their burden.”

The USOC currently oversees two U.S. Olympic Training Centers (OTCs). Both OTCs in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Lake Placid, New York, will be equipped to offer AssureSign’s eSignature capabilities to its athletes. Moreover, AssureSign’s platform is equipped with a native integration to the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) already utilized by the USOC, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365. The streamlined integration with Microsoft’s CRM is said to have played a factor in the USOC’s decision to partner with AssureSign.

The USOC is reportedly pleased with AssureSign’s services and has recommended the electronic signature vendor to other sporting authorities.

The USOC, along with all other users, now has access to new enhancements included in AssureSign’s 5.47 software rollout, completed in late May 2017.

To learn more, visit AssureSign’s success story, “The United States Olympic Committee Success Story.”

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