AssureSign Unveils Electronic Signature Industry’s First Delayed Signing Feature for Franchisors to Remain in Compliance with FTC Disclosure Laws | Nintex AssureSign

AssureSign Unveils Electronic Signature Industry’s First Delayed Signing Feature for Franchisors to Remain in Compliance with FTC Disclosure Laws

Electronic signature software company AssureSign today announced that it has added a delayed signing feature to its enterprise solution to benefit franchisors that must comply with federal franchise disclosure law. Currently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mandates a 10-day “cooling off” period before any new franchisees can officially sign a legally binding agreement, a requirement that has historically posed challenges and amplified the opportunity for errors among franchisors that utilize electronic signature software. AssureSign’s delayed signing feature further enhances the electronic signature experience by introducing automation to streamline and control the execution of new franchise agreements, while ensuring strict compliance with U.S. law.

AssureSign’s delayed signing feature recently concluded a pilot with Firehouse Subs®, one of the country’s fastest growing restaurant brands. By doing so, Firehouse Subs became the first quick service restaurant franchise with the capacity to electronically send new agreements that allow for signature of receipt, while at the same time preventing the execution of the agreement until the specified number of days has passed. At that time, the new franchisee is notified that they may complete the signing process and the document then automatically continues through Firehouse Subs’ internal workflow until the process is complete.

“The AssureSign document signing process is very simple and has eliminated many opportunities for errors, as well as the possibility of the disclosure period not being adhered to,” said Shelly Walsh, Franchise Accounts Manager, Firehouse of America, LLC.

As a pioneer of the electronic signature industry, AssureSign enables many of the world’s most well known brands to secure and organize hundreds to thousands of electronic signatures each month. With a highly flexible and adaptive API, simple integration requirements and comprehensive security and compliance guaranteed, AssureSign’s enterprise solution is proven to help companies of all kinds accomplish the most basic to the most complex electronic signature needs.

“This addition of delayed signing demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of customer organizations of every kind,” said David W. Brinkman, AssureSign’s president and chief executive officer. “We are excited to offer the ability for our franchise customers to conduct business efficiently, while also meeting government requirements.”

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