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Featured Customers Report

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4 Benefits of Using eSignature in Insurance

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Dynamic Communities

Discover how Dynamic Communities uses eSignature to increase efficiency with its sponsorship and advertisement offerings.

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Partner Webinar: Working with eSignatures & Forms

Thanks to the birth of electronic signatures, you can sign a document quickly, securely and without having to print, sign and scan back! Learn how clients are incorporating eSignatures with their forms to truly break free from paper and create quick eSignature documents in just minutes, without sacrificing security. AssureSign’s Director of Client Services, Andrea […]

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The Ultimate Cybersecurity eGuide

53% of today’s organizations are not equipped for a cyberattack… Are you? As an industry leader we’re committed to helping our community engender the same unparalleled security that protects our customer data 24/7.  This Cybersecurity eGuide provides four easy steps for building and maintaining an effective cybersecurity strategy capable of defending your organization in today’s […]

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United BioSource Corporation

Learn how United BioSource Corporation reduced patient onboarding from 11 days to minutes on the hour with eSignature.

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