Partner Webinar: Working with eSignatures & Forms

Thanks to the birth of electronic signatures, you can sign a document quickly, securely and without having to print, sign and scan back! Learn how clients are incorporating eSignatures with their forms to truly break free from paper and create quick eSignature documents in just minutes, without sacrificing security. 

AssureSign’s Director of Client Services, Andrea Schwartz, is teaming up with Shamrock Solutions Vice President Tyler Groepper and JADU Vice President John Euston to discuss the new eSignature technologies available and how you can apply them within your organization using Shamrock Forms.

Presented by Shamrock Solutions & JADU

E-Signatures and Dynamics 365: Trends Shaping the Technology

Learn how to close more business in less time with a mobile-first strategy in 2018! 

AssureSign’s new SMS text to eSign for Dynamics 365 accelerates you and your clients towards a speedy transaction by overcoming traditional roadblocks to eSigning. 

With 80% of people already leveraging text messaging for business purposes, adopting a mobile-first strategy is your key to success in an evolving market. 

Join us for a (free) live webinar on June 7th at 2p ET to discover:

Benefits of using electronic signatures for business 
• The hyper-connected consumer’s demand for mobile channels of communication 
• How to create and send documents for eSignature with AssureSign’s SMS text messaging technology
• Top fitting use cases for eSignatures via SMS
• How tracking a signer’s progress with document audit trails can secure a 100% completion rate

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Sales LinkedIn Navigator + Dynamics 365 + AssureSign

Looking for new ways to drive your business forward in today’s digital landscape? Watch as LinkedIn’s Jessica Zicca, Microsoft MVP Joel Lindstrom, and AssureSign’s Anna McDonald demo 3 integrated solutions, to create 1 seamless end-to-end sales process!

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Prospect and save leads with Sales LinkedIn Navigator
  • View and manage your saved leads within Dynamics 365
  • Easily close sales by sending contracts from CRM using AssureSign’s eSignature software
  • Put it all together to create a seamless end-to-end sales process for your team

Sign Clients on the Spot with SMS Electronic Signatures

Are you losing clients to other firms because of the time it takes to get documents signed and returned? Learn how you can start signing clients on the spot with AssureSign’s new SMS electronic signatures – the new feature taking the legal industry by storm!

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Create and send documents for signature using SMS text messaging
  • Improve your customers’ overall experience
  • Close deals faster by leveraging SMS document sending
  • Use audit trails to track a document at each step of the signing process

4 Ways to Customize Your Digital Office with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AssureSign

eCommerce embodies rapid digitization, leaving many enterprises floundering in the digital deep-end. So how do you swim laps around your industry’s competition? Customization through innovation and integration is key in staying relevant within your industry. Learn how taking your office digital with an AssureSign-Dynamics 365 integration can deliver the customization edge needed to not only keep pace, but spearhead your industry.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Customize your Dynamics 365 environment to fit your current business processes
  • Send documents to customers all without leaving CRM
  • Improve your customer’s overall signing experience with customized signing options
  • Securely manage, store and track all documents within Dynamics 365

Go Paperless with an eSignature Solution to Meet All of Your Agency Needs

Discover AssureSign’s electronic signature solution to meet all your agency’s needs!  AssureSign offers robust features allowing agencies to send multiple documents out for signature, customize emails to meet branding standards, and even set up templates for quick sending options. With AssureSign’s flexible per-envelope pricing options, discover an eSignature solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Send documents out for signature with AssureSign’s easy-to-use print driver
  • Send multiple documents to multiple signers
  • Create templates for quick & easy sending options
  • Customize your emails and templates to fit your agencies branding requirements

Get Documents Signed Faster with AssureSign’s SMS Signing

Don’t let communication barriers slow you down! Discover AssureSign’s new SMS Text Messaging feature to speed up the sales process with clients on the go! Learn how you can close deals faster, and provide an overall better customer experience with AssureSign’s electronic signatures.

Discover how you can:

• Create and send documents for signature using SMS
• Increase open rates by 98% from switching traditional email to our new SMS signing feature
• Improve the customers signing experience
• Close deals faster with clients on the go

Empower Your Agency with AssureSign’s Multi-Channel Communication Strategy

Still relying on email alone to reach clients? According to Forrester, 95% of customers use more than one channel to communicate with companies, while 65% of customers are frustrated by inconsistent experiences. With the complexity of communication channels expected to rise, only the agencies that are able to adapt will gain a competitive advantage by offering an overall better client experience.

Discover how you can:
• Increase open rates from 20% to 98% by switching from traditional email to our new SMS text signing feature
• Capture signatures on external devices with LocalSign, an AssureSign application
• Obtain signatures directly from forms on your agencies website by using an integrated form application
• Generate and sign documents directly from a mobile device using AssureSign’s TriggerApp

Integrating AssureSign’s Electronic Signature Software with Dynamics 365

Looking to streamline your sales process within Dynamics 365? Discover how PowerObjects enabled their sales team to spend less time sending, and more time selling by implementing AssureSign’s Electronic Signature Software. In this webinar you’ll learn how PowerObjects uses AssureSign, a pioneer of electronic signature evolution, within Dynamics 365 to:

  • Increase the velocity of getting contracts signed and returned
  • Improve the customer experience to sign any document, from anywhere, and on any device
  • Reduce costs by replacing paper-based processes with those incorporating eSignatures

Presented by PowerObjects

DocumentsCorePack & AssureSign: The Ultimate Combination for Effective eSignature Processing in MS Dynamics 365

MS CRM ADD-ONS is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner with a vision in supporting Dynamics 365 users in saving valuable time and money.  Join us on Thursday, April 27th at 11am ET for a partner webinar to learn how they help businesses implement AssureSign for effective eSignature processing using Dynamics 365.

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Setup a template for an NDA
  • Use DocumentsCorePack & AssureSign to collect e-signatures from a customer, as well as from a counter-signer straight from within MS Dynamics 365
  • How to edit your Word document while adding the AssureSign signing fields.

Presented by MS CRM ADD-ONS

Getting Started with AssureSign Webinar

Our customers think learning to use AssureSign’s Electronic Signature Software is a breeze! But with a busy inbox – finding the time can be difficult.

Because we’re committed to the success of all of our customers, we’ve created a quick but comprehensive webinar to help get you started!

In this webinar, discover how to:

  • Explore and navigate the AssureSign user dashboard
  • Set up users, roles and account settings
  • Create basic templates
  • Understand best practices for using the Reports feature
  • Send documents for Signature

Implementing AssureSign into Your Agency Workflows

Learn how Implementing AssureSign’s Electronic Signature Software into your Agency Workflows can help you save time and meet client expectations!

In this webinar you will:

• Create and send documents for signature
• Understand the customer signing experience
• Attach final signed documents in your management system

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