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Collecting payments and documents has never been easier

Start collecting payments and documents with one secure solution.

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Combine your transactions.

A combined signing and payment solution empowers your business with a simplified and secure transactional platform. The eSign via Payments solution not only replaces multiple manual processes with a single customer transaction, it also requires no major changes to the way you do business.

Reduce errors by 89%.

Simplify your customer engagements while dramatically reducing errors among documents and payments. Regardless of industry, market, or product, eSign via Payments reduces payment errors by an average of 89% while streamlining the submission of lease agreements, insurance documents, sales contracts, and more.

Secure your customer’s data.

Once submitted, customer payment and document data are securely sent using multilayered encryption and protocols surpassing SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS standards. Payment verification and signer authentication are reliably documented in both transaction audit trails and your customer’s receipt.

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