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eSign via Text/SMS

Close deals faster and maximize efficiencies.

According to the Pew Research Center, over 80% of adults in the U.S. send a text each day. Conect Mogul found that 90% of those text messages are read in under three minutes. The ability to send and receive signatures via SMS empowers businesses to reach any signatory with a cell phone.

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Leverage SMS document sending and secure more business faster.

While the majority of workers conduct business on their mobile devices, not everyone does. SMS eSignatures are a great option for any signatory who doesn’t regularly use an email address but does own a cell phone. It’s also important to remember that not all devices are created equally. The beauty of SMS eSignatures is that they work with both smartphones and simpler devices alike. A simple SMS text message will instantly reach both a tech-savvy millennial and a user uncomfortable operating more sophisticated web applications.

Create a safe, secure, and seamless experience.

From start to finish, signing documents via text message is safe, secure, and it's a seamless experience for your end users. Whether they are signing insurance forms, an intake packet, or HR documents, we ensure their information is protected, and they have a positive experience as well.

Improve your customers’ overall experience.

To maximize efficiency, we want to help you meet your signers where they already are. Most of your customers are on the go, and they have their devices at the finger tips. Why not empower them with application that can make their lives easier? Signing documents via text message, does just that!

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