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eSign via Voice

The sound process of signing a document.

Phones enable our lives to be on the go and mobile. Leveraging AssureSign’s eSign via Voice, enables your customers to sign, affirm, and consent to your products and services from their telephone. Telephone companies and phone based service organizations often utilize verbal signatures as a method of capturing consent from their customers.

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Save time. Let your voice be heard.

Setting up the questions and prompts a signer will hear and respond to is easy and takes minutes to set up. These questions—available in English and/or Spanish—will always be directly indicative of the services or product a signer is consenting or affirming to. Additionally, every call is recorded and stored in an AssureSign portal that solely houses verbal signatures. Our “Insight” portal houses all data needed to constitute the legality and validity of the verbal process. After being stored in the Insight portal, the recording is broken up into pieces—usually a question and its response constitutes one “piece”—where it can later be screened and verified by a team of auditors. These auditors ensure all information provided is relevant and valid and screen out overtly invalid or irrelevant responses, such as a postdated birthday or 4 digit SSN.

Convenient. Quick.Secure.

Due certain business practices, it is often far simpler to solicit, capture, and store an verbal signature via a telephone or cell phone than a separate online or electronic process. It is quick, convenient, and provides the end user with a seamless end to end experience.

Receive confirmation instantly via a live agent

If you’re familiar with third-party verification (TPV), you’re even more familiar with verbal signatures than you may assume! TPV is typically utilized for soliciting short affirmations and confirmations, and has been popular among myriad industries for years. An AssureSign verbal signature, whether in the form of a longer verbal contract or a shorter TPV, can be captured through a telephone or cellphone call via an automated interactive voice response (IVR) system or live agent. In fact, signers can be automatically given the opportunity to speak with a live representative to complete the signature process.

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