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Health Club Software Business Finds a Perfect Fit with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Xpertdoc and AssureSign

Great products are often created out of necessity. When someone has a problem that needs solving, but lacks an available solution, they invent one. Such was the case when Jim Bottin went looking for software to help him manage his chain of health clubs. None of the off-the-shelf products were designed to meet the unique requirements of the health club industry. So he designed a solution.

Word got around and pretty soon other health club operators started asking to use Bottin’s system for their own businesses. Clearly there was a need for software that could simplify the tasks of billing members and managing health club operations. Seizing the opportunity, Bottin sold his health clubs and ABC Financial was born.

Today, ABC Financial supports operations in 4,000 health clubs and gyms all across North America. With their roots in the fitness business, the company has a deep understanding of the challenges in health club management. They continually develop and deliver solutions that are tuned to the specific needs of this industry.

Proposals and Contracts a Hassle
Along with growth comes challenge. ABC Financial was signing up new customers for their various services successfully, but the process was slow and painful. The contract documents were highly variable, with 150 to 200 different data fields that were populated by hand. Salespeople struggled with the workflow that required them to enter the same information twice – once into the documents and then again into ABC Financial’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The documents, used to finalize sales, were naturally of greatest importance to the sales force and therefore received the most attention. The subsequent population of the CRM database was sporadically accomplished.

Because the new customer onboarding process was dependent upon static documents, obsolescence was also a problem. Ensuring that all sales people were using the most current version of the contracts was difficult and making global changes to contract language was a time-consuming task. A great many of ABC Financial’s customers operate multiple facilities. Location-specific data and contract clauses had to be manually added to the documents for every new deal to account for these multi-site customers.

Revisions and changes to the ‘standard’ documents were typical – with the company handling on average 50-60 document revisions per day. Many people in the organization were involved in creating, proofing, and revising contract documents, including an administrator working full-time on nothing other than managing the difficult workflow.

Simply stated, ABC Financial’s contract preparation and new customer onboarding process wasn’t working very well for them.

A Better Approach
After being introduced to the company at a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Conference, ABC Financial began talking with Xpertdoc about replacing their existing workflow with one that was based on the Xpertdoc technology. The required solution needed to be tightly integrated with ABC Financial’s CRM system in order to handle high levels of document change activity. Another requirement was support for immediately-released revisions so that field sales representatives always presented the most current versions of documents to their customers.
Xpertdoc immediately saw how they could help ABC Financial meet their goals.

First, Xpertdoc analyzed the spectrum and variety of documents in use and were able to rationalize and reduce the template library from twenty templates to three. This generated an immediate benefit in reduced maintenance and improved consistency. The risk of using the wrong template and having to start over after a transaction was in process was also eliminated.

Xpertdoc’s built-in integration with Microsoft’s CRM solution addressed the cumbersome and error-prone practice of entering data twice. This workflow improvement alone thrilled ABC Financial. “Our salespeople, particularly the high-performing veterans, really disliked having to enter data into both the document and the CRM system,” explained ABC Financial’s Kyle Childers, “They would rather spend that time making more sales calls.”

Unexpected Benefits
The workflow improvements provided by Xpertdoc didn’t end with integrating the documents with the data sources. By analyzing the CRM data, Xpertdoc triggered additional processes based on the business rules set up for individual situations. These processes include the gathering and storage of secure electronic signatures via integration with AssureSign.

“Integrating AssureSign electronic signatures into ABC Financial’s Xpertdoc and CRM application is the final step, enabling the document completion process,” says David W. Brinkman, AssureSign’s President & CEO. “The entire cohesive process saves ABC Financial both time and money, as well as creating a streamlined and simple user experience.” For ABC Financial, getting documents signed is now just part of the automated workflow that runs when new customers sign up. The administrative nightmare of coordinating document signatures vanished. In fact, the entire process for signing up new customers is now automated.

Since Xpertdoc templates leverage Microsoft Word, customers are able to begin using the product almost immediately. Its rapid adoption enabled the implementation of a complete working system at ABC Financial in only ten days from start to finish. Within two weeks of implementation, the workload of the dedicated contract administrator diminished to a point where the employee was able to spend their time assuming additional responsibilities instead of walking each deal through the previously cumbersome and manual document execution process. The Xpertdoc Solution eliminated the need for a fully dedicated resource!

ABC Financial took advantage of Xpertdoc’s agility and willingness to listen and accommodate client requests. They had a desire to automate follow-up actions that would be triggered by data collected from their customers during the signature process. This was not a functionality offered by Xpertdoc at the time. However, the Xpertdoc team captured ABC Financial’s requirements and were able to rapidly extend the functionality of the Xpertdoc Solution to their client’s satisfaction. In fact, the enhanced functionality exceeded expectations and was delivered error-free within a matter of weeks. The overall Solution was still delivered and implemented on time. The flexibility and customization built into the product design is what allowed Xpertdoc to fulfill the unique requirements of their customer, even in a niche industry such as health club management software.

More Applications Planned
The Xpertdoc-driven workflow provides benefits in later stages of the customer lifecycle as well. When health clubs change ownership, customer data updates and new contracts are required. Mergers, acquisitions, and consolidation trends within the health club industry keep activity levels high.

The excellence in service—quality, timing and delivery to requirements—received from the Xpertdoc Development and Support teams was particularly noteworthy to ABC Financial. Knowing they had a vendor partner with a similar philosophy on client service gave them the confidence to consider further applications across the organization.

Perhaps the most powerful endorsement a company can receive is when the user of their product recommends them to their own customers. Client relationships are fiercely protected, and most companies will never refer another company to anyone unless they have the greatest confidence that the introduction will produce positive results. ABC Financial has had the opportunity to recommend Xpertdoc to some of their largest customers who themselves use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to run their businesses.

For over 32 years, ABC Financial has been creating software solutions and services that thousands of health club owners and fitness center management teams use to handle the details of daily operations, freeing them to concentrate on growing their businesses. The gym operators know that having a partner with the right experience and enough flexibility to meet their needs is invaluable. ABC Financial has the same type of relationship with Xpertdoc – a company with the knowledge and ability to enable ABC Financial to provide the kind of support their customers expect.