AssureSign Connect Partner: Captorra


AssureSign Enables Captorra and User Law Firms to Close Leads on a Single Call with Text eSignature


Customer Profile

Captorra is the legal industry’s leading case and client intake software solution. Captorra is used by personal injury, mass tort, consumer and family legal practices across North America.

Revolutionizing the client intake and management processes, Captorra enables firms to move beyond outbound, phone-based strategies and adopt systemic nurturing campaigns, which result in more signed clients.

What’s more, an intuitive UI makes it easy for Captorra users to collect critical client information, whether it’s from the office or elsewhere using a mobile device.


Law firms using Captorra’s solution often execute documentation throughout the client intake process that requires signatures from both parties. Additionally, many facets of the legal industry are highly competitive, with law firms eager to sign clients quickly. Time taken to print and mail necessary documents to prospects often means losing business to competing firms.

When deploying the legal intake software solution, Captorra’s product team knew they needed to incorporate the ability for signatures to be captured online, quickly. Further, as users of Dynamics 365, they not only needed a simple yet robust eSignature solution, but also one that seamlessly integrated with their CRM.

Captorra initially selected DocuSign to house their eSign services, yet they quickly discovered that DocuSign’s off-the-shelf integration with Dynamics was a major limitation. After attempting to work around this and other presenting software hurdles, Captorra went back to square one in search for an eSignature solution capable of meeting all their needs.



In 2013, Captorra selected AssureSign as their preferred eSign solution because of its robust integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and renowned customer service. Unlike others in the industry, AssureSign offers a customizable integration with Dynamics CRM, making it easy for Captorra and their customers to use.

Users can not only send documents for signature with the click of a mouse, but also keep CRM information current through AssureSign’s bidirectional APIs. Captorra’s client and prospect information is seamlessly updated with new or changed data that’s collected from documents sent out for completion.

What’s more, AssureSign’s SMS/text to sign feature—the industry’s only mobile eSigning technology—empowers both Captorra and its users to quickly reach the 55 percent of consumers without email access on their smartphone or mobile device.



Since integrating eSignature into their own CRM workflows as well as their legal intake product, Captorra and user law firms have reduced new client on-boarding time from days to minutes.

With eSign on the go technology, Captorra and its user firms experience a huge advantage with highly mobile consumers and those with limited email access on their smartphones. For highly competitive verticals in the legal space, such as personal injury law, AssureSign’s mobile eSigning feature closes the gap between an initial inquiry and a signed client. “Providing the electronic signature process on a consumer’s smartphone is invaluable,” said Chris O’Brien, President & CEO of Captorra. “Over 60 percent of our own deals are closed with AssureSign’s text to eSign feature. Both our customers and my own sales team agree… mobile eSign determines whether deals are won or lost.”

Additionally, firms using Captorra previously reported an average of more than $4K in monthly mailing costs. After employing electronic signatures, the average expense for mail and shipping plummeted to nearly $400 per month… a 90 percent cost reduction!

With the power of AssureSign, Captorra and its user firms are empowered to introduce, qualify and close leads with a single  phone call.