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Software Leader, EZLynx, Experiences growth in Agent Satisfaction after Deploying AssureSign Electronic Signature

Customer Profile
Established in 2003, EZLynx is the most widely used rate quote software product in the property and casualty (P&C) insurance sector. More than 19,500 independent P&C insurance agents rely on EZLynx software to operate their businesses more effectively. EZLynx streamlines the exchange of information between the insurance carrier, independent agent, and the end consumer for ratings, quotes and overall customer lifecycle management.


With large volumes of documents to process for each new policyholder, EZLynx agent users and their end customers required an e-sign experience that could streamline document intake and reduce overall policy turnaround time. EZLynx has been strongly pushing its ONE PRODUCT solution and it was important to find an e-signature provider that could seamlessly integrate in to their product. Customer experience specifically, ease of use (Single Login), reporting status of the document, security etc were other consideration that were important as well.


Initially, EZLynx pursued DocuSign for their e-sign needs. However, when given the opportunity to showcase their solution, AssureSign exceeded EZLynx’s product team’s expectations; proving easy-to-deploy integration, attentive customer service and flexible pricing structure. In partnering with AssureSign for electronic signature capabilities, EZLynx software was able to provide e-sign capabilities to their agent users in order to turn around policies within minutes rather than the four days to two weeks it took previously.


Since deploying AssureSign’s electronic signature in their product, EZLynx has experienced growth in end user customer satisfaction. Combined with other tools like “texting, e-signature, drip campaigns help us stay on top of our clients and grow our business,” reported one user from Guaranteed Rate Insurance. EZLynx users have also reported a reduction in workflow times since e-sign was deployed, “what used to take me 40+ minutes, now takes me 10,” reports customer Marla Folsom of Horizon Insurance Group. In partnering with AssureSign, EZLynx now provides its customers with a time-saving tool that is proven to increase overall product user satisfaction and retention.