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Restaurant Franchise Dramatically Improves Signature Process with AssureSign’s Franchise Offering


Customer Profile
Firehouse Subs® is a fast casual restaurant chain with a passion for Hearty and Flavorful Food, Heartfelt Service and Public Safety. Founded by brothers and former firefighters Chris Sorensen and Robin Sorensen, Firehouse Subs is a brand built on decades of fire and police service, steaming hot subs piled higher with the highest quality meats and cheeses, and its commitment to saving lives through the creation of Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation®. The founders are the real deal, the food is their creation, and the company is built upon a family of franchise operators who share their same passion for serving others. In 2014, Firehouse Subs debuted nationwide a new low-calorie menu, Under 500 Calories. Firehouse Subs consistently ranks No. 1 among fast casual brands in the categories of food quality, friendly service, and taste and flavor. In 2015, Firehouse Subs was ranked No. 1 consumer choice for welcoming and comfortable atmosphere by Technomic’s 2015 Chain Restaurant Consumers’ Choice Awards, and the brand produced the second-fastest growth in U.S. franchise units as ranked by Nation’s Restaurant News.

As a franchise-based business, Firehouse Subs processes numerous documents, including Franchise Agreements, Deposit and Application Agreements, among others, requiring a signature process that is timely and convenient. The existing process was completely manual and involved printing franchise agreements, tabbing where each signatory was to sign, shipping to the recipient, calling them to advise to only sign the receipt page and NOT to sign the franchise agreement until the 7 day disclosure period had passed, checking in the document, verifying that it was signed and completed where required and then forwarding it on for internal signatures. It was a very long and costly process, largely due to shipping requirements.

AssureSign offered Firehouse Subs many advanced features, such as workflow templates, Send To AssureSign, and most importantly for their organization, delayed signing to accommodate the FTC mandatory disclosure period prior to signing a franchise agreement. Since implementing AssureSign electronic signature software, Firehouse Subs’ document authorization process has become easy and efficient; documents are imported into Send To AssureSign, templates are applied, and sent to the recipients, who are only able to sign the receipt immediately. Because of the delayed signing feature, they are unable to access the rest of the document until the specified number of days has passed. At that time, they are notified that they may access the document and complete signing. The signed document automatically continues along the workflow through Firehouse Subs’ internal signers until complete. Once completed, all parties requiring a copy of the document receive it.

The AssureSign document signing process is very simple and has eliminated many opportunities for errors, as well as the possibility of the disclosure period not being adhered to. In 2014, there were 158 Franchise/Area Development Agreements executed for Firehouse Subs restaurants. By using AssureSign, Firehouse Subs will be saving on shipping to various locations (i.e. paper, binders, singing tabs), and labor to prepare these packages. Additionally, Firehouse Subs plans to begin sending franchise agreements via AssureSign internationally.

“I cannot say enough about AssureSign’s client services team in terms of intelligence, helpfulness and patience. They have taken a great deal of time to aid us in setting up our processes as well as all of the workflow and document templates,” said Shelly Walsh, Firehouse Subs Franchise Accounts Manager. “They know the product inside and out and if there is something that they can’t answer that second, they are quick to get the answer. Their responsiveness to calls and emails is top notch.”

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