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Grange Insurance Cuts Agent Onboarding Time in Half and Speeds up Customer Transactions with AssureSign


Customer Profile
Grange Insurance and its affiliated companies, based in Columbus, Ohio, provide property, casualty and life insurance products to policyholders across 13 states in the Midwest and South. Grange Insurance is rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best, holds $2 billion in assets and garners $1.3 billion in annual revenue.


Streamlining Agent Onboarding
Grange Insurance’s independent agents provide auto, business, home and life policies to individuals and businesses of all sizes. When onboarding new partner agencies across the country, Grange had to collect the required licensing documents via paper, requiring both sides to snail mail and fax papers to and from the home office. This required manual follow-ups for incomplete documents, prolonging the onboarding process to a period of one month from start to finish.


Since integrating AssureSign’s electronic signature solution to Grange’s document management internal systems, the company has cut agent onboarding time in half. In fact, roughly 90 percent of the documents in agents’ onboard packets are now completed in just two to three days.


Expediting Customer Closing
Increasingly, customers are expecting to be able to complete paperwork quickly and without having to make multiple trips to the agency; as a result, Grange’s agents wanted to speed up the overall closing process for customers. In 2013, Grange Insurance’s life insurance group integrated AssureSign’s electronic signature and document delivery capabilities into their existing systems to streamline document signing, delivery and monitoring. Today, agents send customer applications electronically from desktops or tablets. If, after a set amount of time, the receiver hasn’t signed, an automated reminder is sent.


Since deploying AssureSign’s solution, Grange Insurance has eliminated the manual customer follow-up process for its independent agents. In addition to time and cost savings by going paperless, agents can now track documents and see delivery confirmations and customers can complete paperwork quickly and easily from anywhere.