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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a Florida-based professional football franchise. Members of the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League (NFL), the Jaguars emerged out of league expansion in 1995. Since then, the team has won two division championships – one in 1998 and the other in 1999. The Jaguars proudly represent Jacksonville, Florida, America’s 11th largest city; and have a supportive fan base with home game attendance totaling 1,066,627 fans.

Each year, the Jaguars sales team sends out season ticket agreements to previous season ticket holders to solidify new agreements for the upcoming season; and, on average it takes a week or more to receive the returned, signed agreement. To expedite sales and to reach new fans, the Jaguars sought out a solution that could speed up the renewal of season ticket agreements. By doing so, the Jaguars would gain more immediate knowledge of fans that chose not to renew, thereby allowing them to engage with prospective season ticket holders more quickly. To make this happen, the Jaguars would need on-demand sending capabilities based off of customer information that existed on its CRM system.

The Jaguars sales team began the process of seeking out an electronic signature solution that could improve internal efficiencies by enabling quicker executions of season ticket agreements – via a paperless process. However the solution has to meet specific needs; it had to seamlessly integrate with its existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and allow bulk sending and document management for thousands of agreements at a time.

After weighing the pros and cons of multiple vendors’ and solutions, the Jacksonville Jaguars enlisted AssureSign in June of 2014 because it was the only solution to meet all of its sales team’s unique criteria, in addition to it being simple to implement and use. With AssureSign’s sophisticated APIs, the Jaguars sales team was empowered to reach fans by the thousands, through on-demand batches, including those who may not have been previous season ticket holders. Immediately after the transition from paper to e-sign season ticket agreements, the Jaguars sales team began managing completed ticket waivers within 15-20 minute windows. They also had greater visibility into the massive number of agreements dispersed, so that they could more easily track and monitor unsigned agreements through tasks setup in their systems.

In just two years since adopting AssureSign, the Jaguars sales team reports an improved sales process and increased season ticket sales. They attribute this to their newfound ability to reach larger customer segments quicker and easier, with AssureSign. By increasing the ability to send out ticket agreements to everyone in its existing CRM on-demand, the Jaguars were able to triple the amount of agreements sent out, without enlisting additional internal resources.

After successfully implementing AssureSign’s e-signature capabilities into its ticketing sales processes, the Jaguars also intend to expand e-sig efficiencies into the game day fan experience as well. The Jaguars fan-experience teams plan to remove paper waivers that parents must sign for their children to participate in interactive activities before and during games, and replace the 1,000 sheets of paper with e-signed waivers. Ultimately, the removal of paper will decrease long lines and the need to sign waivers one by one, allowing young fans to engage in activities much quicker than ever before.