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Knight Insurance Group

AssureSign Enables 24-Hour Client Paperwork Turn-Around Time for Knight Insurance Group


Customer Profile
For 150 years, Knight Insurance Group has provided home, auto and business insurance to individuals and companies across the Midwest. The roots of the company extend back to 1859 when the Shawen, Stieg & Whitaker Agency incorporated in Toledo, Ohio. In those days, the company primarily sold fire insurance. Fast forward a century later and more than twenty acquisitions to the Knight Insurance Group of today – an insurance group that continues to deliver superior customer service by providing quality insurance products and financial services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Knight Insurance Group operates in six Midwest locations: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo and Findlay Ohio, Chicago, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana. Through the years, Knight Insurance Group’s commitment to superior customer service has remained steadfast by providing quality insurance products and financial services to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

As an Applied Systems agency management (TAM) customer, Knight Insurance Group agents are already accustomed to the benefits of reduced administration times. Yet, Knight Insurance Group’s agents – across all six locations – were still processing client paperwork manually; on average, it would take new clients two weeks to fill out and return applications. This process increased the likelihood for customer fall-off and kept administration times higher than the company desired. After reflecting on the process, Knight Insurance Group decided to look into how to keep all administration digital. Upon inspection, Knight Insurance Group system administrator John Gage began searching for new ways to execute all of the paperwork. During his search, Gage came across e-signature as a solution for streamlining the paperwork process and landed on e-sign as the appropriate solution. “We decided then and there and we didn’t want to ask our customers to print, scan or fax documents any longer,” said Gage. “Instead, Knight Insurance Group sought to make the process of submitting paperwork easier than ever before for our customers.”

Once Knight Insurance Group’s search for an electronic signature provider was underway, systems administrator John Gauge collected vendor information at the annual AppliedNet conference. At the show, John was introduced to AssureSign, which was the only e-signature provider at AppliedNet that offered an out-of-the-box integration with TAM as well as full-service customer support. After selection, AssureSign electronic signature was deployed for Knight Insurance via the cloud and integrated into Applied Systems’ TAM software. In just nine days, Knight Insurance Group’s e-signature capabilities were fully extended across the agency’s six locations.

Since launching e-signature through AssureSign, client forms that previously took two weeks to execute began coming in within one or two days, and 75 percent of forms are now returned within 24 hours of receipt. Additionally, Knight Insurance Group customers are reporting high levels of satisfaction with regard to the ease, simplicity and convenience of completing paperwork using electronic signature. “We’re delivering a premier, fully modern experience to our customers,” notes Gage. “The ease of electronic signature serves as just one more testament to our commitment to our clients’ complete satisfaction when doing business with our agencies – for us, it’s all about being the Agency of Choice for our customers and partners like AssureSign help us deliver the best.”