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UBC Cuts Costs and Expedites Patient Care with AssureSign’s eSignature


Customer Profile

United BioSource Corporation (UBC) has provided patient support services for more than 15 years. UBC works with partnering pharmaceutical companies to help patients overcome the administrative, financial and clinical hurdles to starting and staying on complex therapies. While drug companies make up UBC’s client base, UBC case managers render support services directly to individual prescribers and patients.  The services provided by UBC, which may include enrolling patients in a co-pay card funding program or a nurse education service, are delivered as a free service to the patient and/or prescriber.


For UBC to provide services to the patient, they must first receive a signed consent. Previously, when onboarding a new patient, UBC would receive a faxed enrollment form.  When the enrollment form was missing a patient and/or prescriber signature, UBC would immediately print and ship the required consent forms to the patient’s address, along with postage for return delivery. However, despite round-trip rush delivery, completed forms typically took anywhere between 4 to 11 days to arrive back to UBC. This extended delay crippled UBC’s ability to swiftly deliver services to patients. “Timing is critical in the journey of getting patients started on therapy,” said Jason Doiron, UBC’s Director of Product Management “… 11 days is simply too long.”  Additionally, shipping and printing costs left the pharmaceutical support provider paying upwards of $47 to obtain a traditional patient consent. In sum, this paper-laden consent process left UBC with extraneous cost while impeding their ability to swiftly serve patients.


Looking to innovate and create improved solutions, UBC recognized the need to expedite the patient consent process via an electronic solution. Not only did UBC require an electronic signature vendor that allowed patients to rapidly consent to services, they also sought an eSign interface capable of seamlessly integrating with their existing software. Using AssureSign’s “very simple to use API kit,” UBC augmented their existing UBC PathwaysTM Connected Health solution with a custom-built eSign integration, allowing case managers to use a single application. What’s more, this ease of navigation does not end with UBC employees. Patients, too, are gifted with a simple and easy to use solution to review and sign documents electronically. From origination to completion, AssureSign’s open and flexible APIs afforded UBC with a signing process that secures patient consent within minutes.


UBC’s custom eSign integration enabled case managers to send consent paperwork easily and electronically. eSignature transformed a 4 to 11 day process to just minutes on the hour, enabling case managers to often obtain consent before a patient welcome call is even finished! Yet, time was not the only thing saved after UBC adopted AssureSign’s eSignature software. The pharmaceutical support enterprise no longer spends $47 per patient! AssureSign’s unique pricing models allow the company to take advantage of competitive industry pricing, while simultaneously reducing annual printing and shipping costs.

The simplicity of AssureSign’s eSignature design creates a signer-friendly experience—even for patients with limited exposure to technology. Real-time document tracking and analytics enable case managers to identify outstanding steps within a patient’s review and sign process, making proactive service effortless.

AssureSign enables UBC to rapidly provide life-saving services to their patients, while lending them the security, power and velocity of eSignature. “AssureSign has one of the most helpful and customer-centric client services teams in the game,” said Mr. Doiron. “… the response time is phenomenal; agents find an answer for us no matter what… these are simply the kind of people you want to do business with, period.”