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United Limousine & Charter

Transportation Rental Company Eliminates Lost Revenue with AssureSign’s Web-based Electronic Signature Solution

United Limousine & Charter, Inc. (ULC) provides specialty vehicle, limousine and party bus rentals in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, California. Although ULC has never grown by less than 100% in gross sales since it was founded in 2004, the transportation rental industry faces the significant challenge of cancellations after vehicles have been reserved. Once a reservation is made, availability for other customers is limited, while reserved vehicles often remain idle. Unfulfilled and cancelled reservations led to a significant loss of revenue for ULC.

Requesting a faxed or scanned contract from prospective clients was too difficult and time consuming, and a signed contract was only obtained once the chauffeur and vehicle arrived at the client’s pick up location. The company sought to protect itself from further losses with a solution that was easy to implement, easy to use, and would not require the purchase of additional hardware or software.

ULC began using AssureSign in September 2008 and realized immediate, tangible benefits as their revenue increased and liability decreased. The company now requires all customers to electronically sign a “Terms and Conditions” document which is seamlessly integrated with their existing vehicle reservation process via the internet. Once the document, which states that all cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled charter are non-refundable, is signed, the reservations department and all other parties involved receive notification via email. This guarantees payment for all reservations, regardless of whether a customer receives their rental service or is a ‘no show’. Additionally, ULC uses AssureSign to enhance new account packages, credit card authorizations and new affiliate relationships.

For ULC, implementing AssureSign’s web-based signature solution has proven effective in minimizing losses due to miscommunication and increasing their revenue without incurring any additional overhead such as increasing their fleet or staff. According to the company’s president, Brandon Jacobian, “With AssureSign, we are guaranteed payment for all reservations, reducing our cancellations by 75%, thus increasing our revenue by 15 percent.”