Esignature: Use Cases for Any Organization

Anytime a new technology, innovation, or specific process makes its way through several industries, those people who are always looking for ways to make their own improvements will seek out the best uses of the best new tools. Further, these same people don’t just jump on the bandwagon just to be cool. Rather, they first… Read more »

What Is Electronic Signature?

Though the ESIGN act was passed more than a decade ago (in 2000) making electronic signatures legally enforceable, many don’t know exactly what an electronic or “e-signature” is or how it can be used, (nor do they know it has it’s own national holiday right around the corner). An electronic signature is any sound, symbol… Read more »

The Cloud Isn’t for Everyone: A Case for On-Premise Electronic Signature

On premise

While the adoption of cloud usage continues to accelerate (greater than two out of three enterprises are incorporating the cloud today), a report issued by U.K.-based communications services provider BT Group indicates that IT decision makers’ confidence in the security of the cloud is at an all-time low. Moreover, a report issued by telecomm company… Read more »

Electronic Signatures Vs Digital Signatures… What’s the Difference?

The ESIGN act was passed in 2000, making electronic signatures legally enforceable. Since that time, the prevalence of electronic signatures has significantly increased. To put it simply – what was once an enterprise luxury is now a basic business need. In fact, 65% of enterprises will retire paper-based processes in favor of those based on digital transaction management… Read more »

A Right-Fit Integration: An API Partner Program Spotlight

Imagine living in an apartment with only one electrical plug? Only one tenant at a time would be able to access the available electricity. Or worse, imagine living in an apartment complex with the wrong kind of electrical outlets – how do you know which plug converters to buy and how can you possibly keep… Read more »