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In a previous post, we explained that any organization needs three kinds of people on the esignature implementation team: Administrators, end-users, and technical resources. The third of these – the “technical resource” – is a little vague because that term means different things to different organizations, depending on what systems and software they have deployed prior to implementing an esignature provider. Generally speaking, a technical resource is either a software developer, IT pro, or a systems administrator.

How well your technical resource(s) are able to integrate the new eSignature software will be key to optimizing your implementation and use of eSignatures.

That’s why we offer several tools to help them quickly get up to speed on implementing this new software:

  • Sandbox – Similar to a “Developer Account” on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other development platforms, our sandbox account gives the developer the resources to create and test the various connections that your organization requires in order to fully implement esignatures.
  • Knowledge Base – Our knowledge base is available to all users, and developers and IT professionals can easily find instructions and explanations for connecting to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, other Document Management Systems, and CRM systems.
  • Webinars – We offer regular webinars for the sole purpose of teaching our prospects and customers alike about new features, implementations, connections, interfaces, and integrations.
  • Technical Support – Throughout onboarding, every AssureSign customer has access to our technical support staff for any and all questions and implementation issues.

Once the technical resource is ready, they will be the first line of defense within your organization for common technical implementation needs like the following.

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Your organization’s technical resources – IT pros, software developers, or system administrators – are the glue between AssureSign and your integrated systems. It’s our goal to load them up with every possible tool, guide, instruction, resource, and support mechanism they need to make sure your AssureSign esignature implementation works exactly as you expect.





Michelle Cloninger

Michelle Cloninger

Director of Sales and Marketing at AssureSign
As Director of Sales and Marketing, Michelle is responsible for employing tactical brand awareness and lead generation strategies to promote growth and increase overall company revenues. When away from the office, Michelle enjoys playing with her canine companion, Chandler or heading to a summer festival in the city with good company.
Michelle Cloninger