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Last week, Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted its U.S. Industry Summit, an invitation-only event that brings together Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners and employees around the nation to talk innovation, tech trends and, overall, discuss best practices employees can adopt.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been an excellent partner for AssureSign for over ten years and AssureSign’s executive team Dave Brinkman, president and CEO, and Larry Torri, vice president of sales, attended the Summit to hear from Microsoft Dynamics CRM employees on what criteria are important when it comes to document management. Here are a few things that stood out:

  1. An application native to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For Microsoft Dynamics CRM employees, the last thing they need is to remember another login or have to interact with yet another software vendor. Employees and partners are looking to manage documents and electronic signatures inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, using the same data fields to generate documents that need to be electronically signed.

In addition, an application that’s native to Microsoft’s existing CRM eliminates the cost and the wait times of copies, fax deliveries and postage, as well as the need for special equipment.

AssureSign has been an excellent partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for these very reasons. Users don’t have to log into a separate system and, in fact, users can manage and track the electronic signing process from inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In addition, the customer data taken during the electronic signature process can automatically feed back into the same data fields that Microsoft Dynamics CRM manages.

  1. Reliable customer service

For employees managing thousands of customers daily, utilizing a document management workflow that is reliable, easy to use and, essentially, reduces time spent tracking the document signing process is a basic necessity. AssureSign’s seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM eliminates employees having to login to multiple platforms to accomplish a single onboarding or document signing task and helps users track the document signing process instantly. However, it isn’t enough to simply have an efficient product that works well. What happens when an employee needs immediate assistance with operating the technology or first-time installation? The time it takes to respond to a users’ inquiry could make all the difference between an unhappy client and a successfully onboarded customer.

Sending an email, only to wait weeks until a response is given, is a dated and ineffective way of providing customer service. Sadly, these are the typical ways in which AssureSign competitors deal with their users’ needs.

What separates AssureSign from the pack is our highly responsive team of service representatives that monitor and respond to users needs in real-time, whether it’s providing assistance with a first-time integration process or a basic question about AssureSign features. Users can submit an inquiry via email or our secure platform, as well as call our customer service team if they need immediate assistance. In addition, the AssureSign team proactively tracks which users are sending multiple operation or integration questions so they can proactively reach out via a phone call or email.

  1. Digital design

A major criteria for any user, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners, is the ability to support customers from any location, be it in the office, at home or on the go. To add to this, the generational shift among today’s workforce is forcing global organizations such as Microsoft to think differently about how to empower this new type of employee to work efficiently. A mobile-first approach is the first step towards supporting this dynamic workforce. In addition to AssureSign’s simple template design, intelligent UX design, we automatically detect whether a user has logged in via smartphone, PC, tablet or laptop and adjust features where needed. Once AssureSign detects an iPhone, smartphone or tablet users, it automatically provides zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities, as well as the ability to capture and send photo attachments for iPhone and smartphone users.

  1. Ongoing development to keep up with users needs

To keep up with the pace of technological change, global brands are empowering their employees and partners now more than ever to solve their customer’s problems, ask more questions about how to make processes quicker, easier and more efficient. Which is why, when it comes to electronic signature technology, the ability to adapt to users’ unique needs is essential to customers and clients looking to staying ahead in today’s highly digital world.

By listening to which features our users and customers require, such as the ability to attach a photo with an e-signed document or populate customer data from an e-signed document into other customer data fields among the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, AssureSign has been able to create new features and processes to keep users ahead of the game in the race to digital document management.

In sum, making document management processes seamless and more efficient is only the first step towards meeting the needs our customers and partners. AssureSign is setting the bar when it comes to document management workflows for our users, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners, due to our highly responsive customer service team, intelligent mobile design and our ability to innovate new features and processes to meet changing needs.

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AssureSign is a pioneer of electronic signatures' evolution from a corporate luxury into a fundamental business need. For more than 15 years, leading enterprises have trusted us with their most essential e-signature and document transaction management. Our e-sign software is the most secure and the easiest to use, making us the ideal partner for companies that execute hundreds to thousands of electronic signatures every month.